Banana Data News #34

🤓  Summer Reads Special Edition 🤓
August is in full swing, things are slowing down at work, or for some, work is nowhere near your mind, as you lay on a sunny white sand beach, sipping a cocktail, and...

Well, that's where we come in, with some great data essays for you to enjoy during those long summer days!

We didn't want you to get bored, so we chose our favorites articles. They're not always recent, but, hopefully, they'll make you think.

Happy reading!

Machine Learning is Fun!
"Have you heard people talking about machine learning but only have a fuzzy idea of what that means? Are you tired of nodding your way through conversations with co-workers? Let's change that!"
While you're at it, check out Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of this article.
by Adam Getgey on Medium
The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence
"People who understand superintelligent AI call it the last invention we'll ever make—the last challenge we'll ever face."
This level of detail is rarely attained in an article that can be understood by anyone. Honour it be reading the whole thing, Part 2 included.
by Tim Urban from Wait But Why
The Business Implications of Machine Learning
The nature of machine learning — how it works, what makes it good, and how it's delivered — ensures that [its] strategic prioritization will significantly change the tech industry before even a fraction of machine learning's value is unleashed."
A shorter essay on how ML and deep learning should be leveraged by companies.
by Drew Breunig on Medium
Should We Be Afraid of AI?
"This is the state of AI today. After so much talking about the risks of ultraintelligent machines, it is time to turn on the light, stop worrying about sci-fi scenarios, and start focusing on AI's actual challenges."
A philosophical debate of True AI and its impact on our future.
by Luciano Floridi from aeon
From Small to Big Data, Adopting the Advanced Analytics Mindset
"Everyone in a company who needs to have access to data to make better business decisions should have it. And without bringing in data scientists and engineers who could make better use of their time by creating predictive services and applications." 
a guidebook by Dataiku
Summer is also the best time to get started with some new skills!! Here are our picks to learn:

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